Vitamin D And Testosterone

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2015)

How Vitamin D Influences Testosterone Levels

Its well documented that Vitamin D is linked to testosterone levels, a recent study has been carried out in the US by NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) that publicly highlighted the powerful effects this vitamin can have on Testosterone production

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 Let’s Look At Vitamin D Closer

To maintain basic general health It’s recommended to get at least 400 iu (international Units) of vitamin D per day this helps keep our body and bones Unknownstrong. It’s unfortunate that in many places in the world,especially here in Great Britain there isn’t enough regular sunshine during the day to maintain optimum Vitamin D levels.

When the sun is shining most of us use sunscreen to block out the sun. Although this is essential and protects the skin from the suns affects, this does reduce the Vitamin D amount that we absorb.

Bodybuilders and athletes looking to boost strength and muscle mass will require greater amounts of Vitamin D than an average person

Only now we have started to appreciate the effects that Vitamin D has on the production of testosterone and since most of us do not get enough of it naturally, just one way remains to increase the absorption of Vitamin D – that is by supplementation. Body builders everywhere have started to recognise just how important it is to add Vitamin D to their daily supplementation.

Supplements Containing Vitamin D

Vitamin D can be found in more and more supplements, the key is to find a product that contains sufficient levels of the vitamin to promote muscle growth.

One product that we can recommend from personal use is Testofuel…made in the UK by Roar Ambition, they use a powerful dose of 5000iu vitamin D per dose.

This is coupled with other sought after Testosterone boosting ingredients that include – Fenugreek, ZMA, D-Aspartic Acid, Ginseng and Oyster Extract2014-10-29 19.52.48

Results from satisfied users are all positive, with many experiencing great gains in strength, muscle mass along with a noticeable ( and very welcome) spike in sex drive.

Sold to buyers worldwide from the official website, Testofuel is also the only test booster that is sold with a full 90 day cash back guarantee.

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