Testosterone Boosting Tips

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2018)

5 Gym Tips That Help Boost Testosterone

Most of us go to the gym to increase our strength and build lean muscle mass… it doesn’t matter however, how much work we put in, if our testosterone levels are low for any reason, the results will be lacking.

WEIGHT LIFTING 2 Our body produces testosterone naturally, and is a crucial component when trying to build muscles this level can be enhanced both by using boosting supplements and also naturally by following these 5 tips..

Lift Heavy Weights

Lift as heavy a weight as you can, if you are pressing 10 reps quite easily, then you are not lifting enough – add more weight until you can only manage 5 or 6 reps… this extra weight will help stimulate testosterone production.

Compound Exercises

Many bodybuilders overlook compound exercises, these are crucial for maximum results as they exercise more muscles at once than other exercises.

Squats, Bench and Shoulder Press, Dead Lifts, Lunges and Rows should all form the basis of your regular workout.

compound-and-conquer-1Don’t Do Too Much Cardio

While cardio is a crucial part of any exercise regime, its health benefits are far reaching, that said any more than 60 minutes can have a disastrous effect on your natural testosterone production, this can in turn reduce your muscle building results.

If you are using cardio to control weight, then look at your diet instead, you can lose weight simply by reducing your daily calorie intake

Get Enough Rest

As you workout, make sure that you get enough rest between workouts, make sure that you recover fully before continuing.. but don’t drag them out too long otherwise your testosterone production could deplete


Get plenty of sleep – crucial for allowing your body and muscles to recover and grow

Do Not Overtrain

Divide and stick to a sensible workout, one that maximises and works your muscles without overdoing things. by keeping sets under control, you will not run the risk of injury or doing anything detrimental that could harm your own testosterone production.

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