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Does TestoFuel Work? – Read Our Review

Powerful And Natural Testosterone Booster

Two months ago, we were sent four boxes of Testofuel to try for ourselves and evaluate so we can write this personal review.2014-10-29 19.52.48

8 weeks into our 16 week trial, we have now reached a point where we can record our thoughts and findings..

What Is TestoFuel

Testofuel is a UK made natural testosterone booster that was developed and is made by UK based Roar Ambition Ltd.

The product is a result of some intensive research and planning by the makers who developed Testofuel with just one aim – to make the purest, most potent natural testosterone booster that you can buy.

The ingredient profile is impressive, whats more the makers disclose the entire formula in full, which is a refreshing change to so many companies who prefer to hide their formulas behind those all too common phrases ‘ proprietary blend, or complex’

You Can Order TestoFuel direct From TestoFuel.com

2014-10-29 19.54.27The Formula In Testofuel

Each Dose Contains

  • Vitamin D3   5000iu
  • Vitamin K2   180 mcg
  • Vitamin B6  5mg
  • Magnesium 200mg
  • Zinc 10mg
  • D-Aspartic Acid 2300 mg
  • Siberian Ginseng 100mg
  • Fenugreek  100mg
  • Oyster Extract 100mg

The inclusion of large amounts of D-Aspartic Acid and Vitamin D are crucial, these are without doubt 2 of the most important and clinically proven testosterone boosting ingredients…

Aside from that, Oyster extract is a clever addition, this has many times more Zinc than the finest beef steak, which has positive effects on both muscle building and sex drive.

Taking TestoFuel

The recommended dose is 4 capsules a day, spread evenly… we took them at breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bed.

There is no aftertaste and we didn’t experience any side effects… Roar Ambition tell us that apart from a slight increase in back acne in a few users ( which is a classic sign of increased testosterone) their product is side effect free..


The makers are quite upfront about what Testofuel will do, there are no over hyped claims here…this will not provide instant gains.. it is a slow burner, and testi-charliejust as they told us, we both started to see some differences after about 10-12 days… at first it was just increased energy and we both slept better, but gradually we both experienced increased strength and muscle gains.

In week 3 for example, my bench press went from 94kg to 110kg.. I have never experienced a gain like that in just one week since i started training!!

Nov 2016 – Now having completed the four boxes, I have to say that without doubt, Testofuel has helped me smash down that ‘wall’ and get past the plateau that I ( like many guys who workout) was struggling to overcome… It has helped me maximise my gains and I look and feel better than I have ever felt in my life…My wife loves the new look ‘me’ too…..

all reviews courtesy of testofuel.com


Guaranteed Results

Another refreshing difference is that Testofuel is the only Testosterone booster around that is sold with a 90 day cash back guarantee, most products do not offer any guarantee at all, there are a few products that do provide 30 days or similar, but usually these have catches or criteria that you need to adhere to in order to qualify for a refund.

With TestoFuel, if you buy and try the product for up to 3 months and fail to see any benefits, simply return the empty boxes for a full refund – no hassle, no questions.

Our Thoughts

Of all the testosterone boosters that we have reviewed, Testofuel ticks all the boxes, its proven and powerful, fully disclosed formula, the unequalled cash back guarantee, our own personal results in the gym and the fact that its made by a UK Company, all combine to make TestoFuel our top rated muscle boosting product.

Where To Buy TestoFuel

Unlike most products that are available from numerous sources in2014-11-04 11.02.13cluding Ebay, Amazon etc, you can only buy TestoFuel direct from the manufacturers official website.

A months supply will cost you just £35.00.($65.00)

There are also larger packages available with the top package their Ultimate Muscle Gainers Pack which comprises 3 months supply Plus a 4th Months supply FREE, buyers also get a free Testofuel workout tee shirt, and access to two useful E Books, one on workouts and the other on nutrition – all plus Free Worldwide Shipping

This costs just £117.00 ($219.00) – a terrific saving.. 

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