Xellerate Nutrition Testosterone Booster Review

Xellerate Nutrition Testosterone Booster Review

Popular On Amazon, But Just How Good Is This T-Booster?

Xellerate Nutrition are a well known supplement manufacturer.. one of their most popular products on Amazon is their naturally formulated Testosterone Booster For Men..

Claiming to help guys reduce fatigue, boost energy levels as well as increase results from working out and improve sex drive, the makers make some strong claims about their product….

Intrigued we had a really good look at it to try and determine if it lives up to the hype…

The Formula in Xellerate Nutrition Testosterone Booster

Fair Play to the makers… they do fully disclose the ingredients AND the amounts contained in each serving… a refreshing change to the many makers who choose to hide the real formulas behind undisclosed proprietary blends or complexes..

Each Serving Includes:

  • Vitamin A 500ug
  • Maca Root 2000mg
  • Vitamin D 4ug
  • Pantothenic Acid 12.5mg
  • Vitamin K 50ug
  • Vitamin B6 4mg
  • Folic Acid 200g
  • Vitamin B12 2ug
  • Magnesium 190mg
  • Zinc 12.5mg
  • D-Aspartic Acid 820mg
  • Fennel Seed 155mg
  • Co Enzyme Q10 20mg


How To Take  Xellerate Nutrition Testosterone Booster 

The suggested daily serving is 2 capsules per day with food and water… the makers do not specify if here is a better time of the day to take it

Users Feedback

A very mixed bag of feedback on amazon…. there are a lot of positive reviews**, but for every good one, there is another that is negative,,,, it seems to work for some and not for others..

**One thing to point out that Amazon is notorious for giving professional users free samples in return for a positive reviews….now we are not saying that this is the case with this particular product, but it has to question the validity of this type of feedback..

Any Side Effects

We did not discover any adverse reports of any problems with this product

Where To Buy Xellerate Nutrition Testosterone Booster

Amazon do indeed appear to be the main stockist in the UK and beyond… a bottle contains 180 capsules will currently cost you £19.97

Cash Back Guarantee?

There does not appear to be any cash back guarantee available…

Our Thoughts

At first glance this looks to be a reasonably well formulated product… however there are some downsides that we would like to make you aware of..

Some of the forms of the particular ingredients are supplied in the cheaper, weaker forms…(Magnesium and Vitamin B6 in particular)… the amounts of D-Aspartic Acid and Vitamin D are also very low when compared to other top rated products… as an example.. Vitamin D3 is included at 4ug per serving… this equates to 160iu – a very weak dose indeed… many of the top testosterone boosters in the UK deliver amounts of up to 5000iu… D-Aspartic Acid is another – at 820mg it’s decidely lower that 2300mg which is found in our top products…

(Probably one reason while its so cheap..).

The largest ingredient by volume is Maca… now while this is scientifically proven to have a positive effect on libido, but so far,(and we have researched in great depth) we have not found any scientific studies that have proven any ability as an actual testosterone booster… quite frankly as an actual t-booster Maca fails miserably…

If a weak libido is a problem to you, then this could possibly provide some benefits, if increased muscle mass and strength afre your goal, we suggest that you look elsewhere.. we believe that you will be very disappointed with the results…

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