Androbolix Review

Androbolix By Biorythm

Androbolix, the natural testosterone booster is produced and sold by Biorythm.

It claims to achieve and protect muscle mass gains and give moreAndrobolix-300 power. It can be used for therapy post cycle.

The Formula

The tribulus terrestris based formula contains 1710 mg of ingredients in a single dose. Protodiascin is the active ingredient. It’s a compound in tribulus that enhances testosterone production.

While protodiascin promotes natural production of testosterone, to stop the increase of estrogen, this product also contains a compound that offsets estrogen production which is a common side effect of testosterone production increases.

Here is the full list of ingredients:

  • Protodiascin – 224 mg
  • Saponins – 788 mg
  • DHB (6,7-dyhydroxybergamottin) – 200 mg
  • 4-etioallochelen-3,6,17-trione – 300 mg

How To Take

Take 2 tabs before working out and 2 more before bedtime with a glass of water. On days when you do not work out, just take all 4 before going to bed.

Keep taking for 5 days, then rest for 2 days and then repeat.

UnknownUser Reviews

The common thought is that the product is disappointing. Most users didn’t see any improvement.

Are There Side Effects

While the result should be just the opposite, there have been complaints where user’s sex drive reduced after starting to take Androbolix testosterone booster.

Where To Get Androbolix

The product is available online from various sources with prices staying around £ 33.99 ($55) for a months supply.

Are There Any Guarantees

No guarantees offered.

Should I Buy Androbolix

We don’t think its worth it. The majority of the reviews are largely negative… We can’t honestly recommend this product – should be avoided……

Weak And Under-Powered..

What To Choose Instead

Androbolix falls way behind our top 3 testosterone boosters on all levels…

These three were chosen because of their excellent results, proven ingredients and great customer service. The top product also offers a full 90 day money back guarantee. You don’t get this with any other product, this single fact alone highlights the manufacturers belief in their product.

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