Risks Of Taking Anabolic Steroids

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2015)

Are Anabolic Steroids Safe

They Work, But Do The Risks Of Taking Steroids Outweigh The Benefits?

There is absolutely no doubt that taking steroids is a fast way to build large muscles, the entire bodybuilding industry is generally all about steroids-bodygetting the biggest, strongest muscles and the high value cash prizes offered for winning most bodybuilding competitions compounds this fact.

There of of course competitions that only allow ‘natural’ bodybuilders to compete but these generally offer smaller amounts as prizes.

Steroids can provide massive increase in strength and muscle bulk, usually quite quickly, they are administered usually by daily injections.

Should I Take Anabolic Steroids

Most users of steroids will tell you that they are safe as long as you use carefully and take the correct doses.. they believe that there are no risks and will tell you that the results are well worth using them.

Do Not Listen To Them

anabolic-steroidsThese Are The Facts

Anabolic steroids are not good, even after using for 2 months they can cause irreversible problems including:

  • Increased Risk Of Heart Problems
  • Liver Damage
  • Reduced Eyesight
  • Shrunken Genitals
  • Man Boobs ( Gynaecomastia – aka ‘Bitch Tits’)

Women bodybuilders are even more at risk , they can suffer the same problems as men, plus they have a distinct risk of also:

  1. Getting a deeper voice
  2. Reduced breast size and tone
  3. Seeing hair growth on their faces
  4. In some cases, seeing their clitoris grow until it resembles a small penis – there have been well documented cases of women experiencing clitoral growth of up to 1.5 inchesopen-uri20120829-7351-ow8pmb

What Is The Solution

The answer is straightforward –

Steroids can cause you harm – Stay Away!!!

Even if you are told otherwise, these people are either misinformed or simply ignoring the risks.

Choose A Natural Testosterone Booster

More and more bodybuilders are turning to natural based testosterone boosters to help them build bigger, stronger muscles without any of the risks associated with taking steroids..

There are literally hundreds of products out there, some work, many don’t….we have reviewed many of the Testosterone boosters available here in the UK and from our research, have compiled our list of those that we feel are the top three currently available.

Using a strict criteria, our ratings have been based on:

  • Ingredient Profile
  • Users Feedback ( Good and Bad)
  • Guarantees and Customer Service
  • Price

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