Possible Side Effects Of Testosterone Boosters

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2015)

What Are The Side Effects Associated With T Boosters?

Natural Testosterone boosters are used for two reasons – to help balance the effects of reduced testosterone levels, which can affect men in their 30’s onwards, and to help to boost muscle mass and improve overall tone and strength.

Natural T-Boosters unlike chemical steroids carry no truly adverse reactions andUnknown do not usually impact on your health.

You have the advantage of increased Testosterone and all the benefits with minimal risk.

There are some mild side effects that could be experienced but none of them bear any danger to health.

What are the possible side effects..?

Users could possibly experience both physical and psychological effects when taking natural T boosters…

These Could Include:


  • Although these don’t affect everybody, increased acne breakouts, mainly on the back, can occur – This is a sure fire way of knowing that your testosterone levels are rising…
  • When taking T boosters always remember that these natural supplements are extremely good at helping to increase muscle mass and strength, you have to be aware that they do not work on the connective tissues and tendons that are connected to our muscle and bone..
  • Always be sure to workout regularly..  Exercise is crucial as part of the whole package..  Taking regular exercise is vital to ensure that the tendons etc strengthen alongside the muscles.
  • There are some reports compiled in Europe linking long term use of some poor quality testosterone boosters to kidney problems – well formulated natural testosterone boosters are in the main 100 % safe, however taking a rest period ( 7-10 days) every so often would be a good idea when taking any supplement.
  • Some users have experienced headaches when taking T-boosters, it has to be said that these are generally mild (migraine is not mentioned) these tend to cease once the body is used to the supplement.
  • There have been reports that some T-boosters have been known to cause anaemia.. If you feel tired, colder than normal or having trouble shaking off colds etc, it might be worth getting a blood test (FBC) just to make sure..
  • Testosterone  (the male hormone) as you would expect, is said to make some men more physically aggressive, it usually applies more to those men who have that tendency anyway..

Psychological Effects

  • Mood swings have long been associated with long term use of T-boosters..  anger and irritability is often experienced in users, again more noticeable in men with a more aggressive nature.
  • Depression and anxiety can run hand in hand with the use of T-boosters, this is very rare and so far there has been no clinical proof whatsoever that they are responsible…

Our Verdict

taking_a_t-booster_-_Google_SearchNatural testosterone boosters, in our opinion, are a worthwhile way of enhancing strength and wellbeing in men.. Giving a boost to testosterone while helping to increase muscle mass, strength, energy and also boosting libido.

Using long term with no serious reactions to health make them the front runner..  In fact many thousands of men worldwide take them on a daily basis without any adverse effects and have been perfectly happy with the results.

If you do experience any problems when taking natural T-boosters (or in fact any supplement) always speak to your doctor just to find out if the supplement is to blame…..

Keep Fit – Keep Healthy….

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