Performance Lab ® SPORT Testosterone Booster

(Last Updated On: December 4, 2019)

Performance Lab ® SPORT Testosterone Booster

Providing Multi Pathway Testosterone Support For Men Of All Ages In 2020

If you haven’t already heard of UK based Performance Labs, you certainly will in the near future. Fast establishing themselves as an innovative and dedicated manufacturer of effective health supplements, they have developed products that enhance, and improve virtually all aspects of your health and your life.

  • Sleep
  • Weight Control
  • Eye Health
  • Brain Function
  • Energy and Performance.

The product we are talking about today falls under the last category. Called Performance Lab® SPORT, it is an extremely well thought out and clinically formulated testosterone booster.

Performance Lab® SPORT

performance lab sport

[Updated 2020] Starting with a blank canvas, SPORT was designed from the ground upwards to help provide a boost to testosterone production in men of all ages. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a younger, keen gym going guy who wants to build larger muscles, or a slightly older man who feels that he is experiencing the effects of age related testosterone decline, Performance Labs® SPORT offers something for all.

How it works is actually quite simple, it helps to maintain healthy level of our most male hormone, by reducing the effects of other hormones and compounds that harm our natural testosterone production. 

By helping to keep more of our own free testosterone flowing through our veins, it helps to boost our muscles, strength, energy and of course our sex drive.

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Whats In Performance Lab® SPORT

The makers have kept it simple yet effective, they fully disclose everything thats in each and every serving.

You will find:

  • D-aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate 1000mg
  • Mucuna Pruriens 150mg
  • Ashwagandha 150mg
  • Luteolin 30mg

performance lab sport ingredients

Looking at the ingredients in depth:

  • D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate

D-aspartic acid calcium chelate

A superior and more effective form of d-aspartic acid. This is without doubt the most sought after t-boosting ingredient of all.

Studies have proven that daily supplementation of D-Aspartic Acid can boost testosterone levels by a staggering 42% in just 12 days.

It works in 3 ways, It stimulates the increased production of both human growth hormone and luteinising hormone (LH)

It triggers the hypothalamus n the brain to release gonadtropin releasing hormone (GnRH) which 

in turn triggers the production of FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and LH

These both stimulate the glands in the testes to increase production of your natural testosterone.

  • Mucuna Pruriens

mucuna pruriens

Hugely popular in traditional medicine for its ability to help support male sexual health, and boost fertility. Helps to boost sex drive, blood flow and also semen volume

  • Ashwagandha


Recognised for its ability to help boost both physical and mental performance.

It can help boost testosterone by:

Reducing the amount of the stress hormone cortisol being released ( cortisol is often known as the testosterone killer)

Stimuates increased production of LH and FSH, which as we mentioned above help stimulate increased production of testosterone.

Increasing the levels of effective anti oxidants in the blood, reducing effects of harmful toxins in the body which can cause cellular damage, effecting hormone production.

The makers of Performance Labs® SPORT have used the most effective extract of Ashwagandha available today, called KSM66® we understand that its the only one of its type to be fully certified as organic.

  • Luteolin

luteolin source

A compound extracted from oranges. It is an effective anti-estrogenic.

This means that it helps reduce the aromatase process where testosterone is turned into oestrogen. 

This is excellent news for men with low T, as this is one of the main causes of reduced be Increased oestrogen in the blood can be responsible for the increase in body fat and reduction of muscle tone, strength and libido.

Directions For Taking Performance Lab® SPORT

The suggested serving is just 2 capsules per day taken at breakfast with a glass of water.

performance lab sport

What Do Users Say About Performance Lab® SPORT

This product is relatively new to the marketplace, and as such there isn’t too much by way of independent feedback out there yet. 

We have however read reports and testimonials prepared by the scientists involved in the development and testing of this product and we have to say its really encouraging.

Virtually every man involved in the testing experienced some noticeable gains in muscle tone, energy and performance.

Any Reported Side Effects

There have been no reports of any side effects, looking at the formula, there is nothing in the mix that concerns us.

Where Can You Buy Performance Lab® SPORT

The official Performance Lab website is currently the only place where you can buy Performance Lab® SPORT and in fact their other products too. 

A months supply will cost you £40.00 ( $50) which actually makes it one of the more affordable premium T-Boosters.

The makers do offer discounts for buying larger quantities. Buying 2 bottles will cost you £76.00 and 3 will cost £108.00

performance lab official website

Any Cash Back Guarantee

Yes, Performance Labs offer a full 30 days cash back guarantee on all orders. 

Its simple how it works, if you buy and use Performance Lab® SPORT as directed for 30 days and find that it doesn’t work for you, simply return the empty bottle for a full refund.

Final Thoughts On Performance Lab® SPORT

We like Performance Labs. Without any doubt, they have developed a simply formulated but truly effective T-booster that will help any man maximise his hormone production, and enjoy the benefits that this provides.

There are no worthless filler ingredients in the mix, nothing dodgy that could cause any side effects, and its well priced.

Its little wonder that Performance Lab® SPORT is being raved about by its ever increasing number of users – If you want to enjoy increased muscle tone, strength and a powerful boost to your libido, this is a great product for you.

Their other products aren’t  too shabby either…

You Can Read More, And Place Your Order At Performance Lab Official Website

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