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SYNC Ultra Testosterone Review

The Newest T- Boosting Product On The Market – But Does It Work

Notice – January 2015 – Sync Testosterone Has Now Been Discontinued… Click Any Link Below To Discover Our List Of The UK’S Best Testosterone Boosters

When UK based Bauer Nutrition decided to add a natural based testosterone booster to their impressive range of products, they wanted to provide the best 2014-02-17-13.20.02-225x300that they could.

After lengthy research and development the resulting product – Called SYNC Ultra Testosterone does not disappoint, its carefully developed formula offers a wide range of benefits that are not just limited to body builders and athletes, it is also suitable for men who are suffering from the effects of Low Testosterone.

Taking SYNC can help boost

  • Muscle Mass
  • Strength
  • Energy levels
  • Sleep Quality
  • Sex Drive
  • It can also help reduce unwanted body fat

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The formula has been well thought out and Bauer ( unlike many companies) fully disclose the amounts of each ingredient per dose, so you know exactly what you are taking:



Feedback From Users

Despite its relative recent launch, it has already received hundreds of excellent reviews with most users reporting some good gains in muscle mass, and strength, along with other benefits such as fat loss and improved sex drive

There have been no reported side effects…

Our Thoughts

Coming from a reputable company like Bauer, you would expect something good, and SYNC does not disappoint… When you add the positive reviews to the fact that they also offer a full 60 day cash back guarantee with all orders, synctestbannerthat assures you of a full refund in the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the results.


Where To Buy SYNC Testosterone

Bauer sell SYNC directly from the official website, they ship orders throughout the UK and in fact worldwide.

SYNC costs just £34.95 ( $57.45)  for a months supply, they also have some larger packages available at discounted prices.

Our Vote For Best Buy is the Buy 2 get one free for £79.90 ($130.90)

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