How To Get A Six Pack

How To Get Great Abs

A six pack stomach…. something that we all aim for and is the epitome of looking fit and muscular.

but getting one is not just down to how many stomach crunches that you do,ripped-6-pack-abs you have to take account of other factors too…

You need to consider your body fat percentage, this is crucial when trying to achieve a six pack, the correct exercises are crucial, but you also need to be lean… Your body fat percentage is important and reducing your levels will help increase your success in getting those perfect abs.

You may have seen men ( and women) with perfectly defined abs, but you just know that they hardly exercise… so how do they do it??

Low Body Fat Percentage Is The Key

The fact is that they all have low body fat percentage…. its the main reason for that set of Abs that you desire.

MEN – try to get your body fat percentage down to 10% or lower

WOMEN – a little higher – best results are achieved with a body fat % of between 10-15%

Keeping Your Six Pack

unleashing-your-six-pack-abs-top-3-recommendations-that-worksOnce you get the desired six pack, you need to work hard to maintain it, the correct diet is essential along with a sensible exercise regime.

Reducing your levels of body fat has far reaching benefits, but do not expect to keep at your peak all the time, even the most experienced bodybuilders relax their regime sometimes, and then revert back to stringent exercise and dieting when getting their body in shape for competitions.

Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Increased testosterone is well known to generate reduced body fat levels, many body builders and athletes use natural testosterone boosters to increase their strength, muscle mass and enhance sex drive.

Crucial in the maintenance of general fitness, they have the added bonus of helping to reduce body fat levels.

We have reviewed many of the popular testosterone boosting products, from our research, we have complied our list of those products that we feel are the best three around.

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