NiacinMax Review

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2017)

NiacinMax Review

Reach Your Optimum Physical Performance – Boost Your Blood Oxygen Supply by up to 50%

What would you say if you were told that there was a new product on the box-home-300x251market that could help you achieve an extra 50% performance power when working out.


That 50% of power comes through the extra oxygen coursing through the veins giving an increased blood count, better muscle efficiency and helping to improve brain function, focus and stamina.

NiacinMax is the name of this amazing new product set to take the fitness world by storm. A thin film that melts on the tongue, will deliver 75mg of niacin directly in the bloodstream..  The film method if considered the most effective way to give the nutrients.  Known as transdermal delivery, delivers the maximum benefit to the user.  Pills have been found to be less effective due to the ingredients (up to 75%) could be destroyed by the digestive system.   Giving niacin through the dissolvable film method guarantees better absorption and in turn helping to increase physical and brain power.

Niacin Max is a first..  At present there is no other type of product like it..  After many years of research and testing, NiacinMax can help to you to:

  • Improve Levels Of HGH Production (600% plus) helping to boost fat burning, recovery and muscle growth.
  • Greater Oxygen Flow.. Allowing for better brain function, focus and concentration..
  • Increased Red Blood Cell Production – will maximise the delivery of oxygen to the muscles, decrease fatigue and increase energy reserves.

What’s In NiacinMax

The thin dissolvable strips are placed directly on the tongue. They conveneniently dissolve within seconds. They deliver 75mg of pure niacin (vitamin Bf2) directly into the bloodstream.


How To Take

One NiacinMax strip to be placed on the tongue preferably before breakfast.. (try to wait at least 10 minutes before eating) the makers tell us that it is best to take between 3 and 5 hours before you work out to get the best results.  If you work out most days (at least 5 times per week) you can boost the effects by taking a second strip early evening (3-4 hours before bedtime)

Consumer Feedback

img-600percent-clock1Independent reviews are pretty hard to come by at the moment.. We have found some reports from the guys involved in the research and development of the product..  Energy levels are reported to have drastically improved, along with improvements in performance as well as reduced body fat..  As more reviews surface we will keep you up to date by posting here

Side Effects??

None have been reported..  There is an effect known as the Niacin Flush which is completely harmless and wears off within about 10 minutes or so..

After taking the NiacinMax strip, you could experience a tingling feeling in the chest, arms and neck(possibly after 4-6 minutes) with a possible slight redness (flushing) with a slight itching.. Some have said that it feels quite like mild sunburn ( some users actually like the feeling!).. this is caused by increased blood flow to the body which also proves that the product is doing what it is supposed to do..  Its harmless, normal and should disappear after about 10 minutes.

With regular use the body should get used to the effects and should start to become milder and less noticeable.

Where Can I Buy NiacinMax

The best place to purchase is the official website (

A box containing 30 strips will cost you £29.99 ($39.99) and you could buy larger packages at discounted prices..

We Feel that the best buy is the 2 box package – Buy 2 boxes and get the 3rd free at a cost of £59.98 ($79.98)

Any Cash Back Guarantees?

Yes! The makers are confident that you will enjoy the benefits of taking 67day-guaranteeNiacinMax, to demonstrate the faith that they have in their product, they protect all orders with a lengthy 67 day cash back guarantee.. quite simply If you buy and use Niacinmax as directed and are unhappy with the results, you can simply return the boxes ( part used and full) for a full refund.

Our Thoughts

NiacinMax is certainly a product with a difference… the fact that it’s a melt in the mouth strip makes getting that pre workout boost a fast, easy and convenient process…

The benefits of taking Niacin are well documented with countless studies backing up the manufacturers claims… It is PROVEN to help boost circulation, blood flow, energy and performance..

In Short… One fast melting Niacinmax strip will provide a fast and welcome boost in energy which will ultimately provide you with a noticeable boost to your workouts and of course results…

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