MAN Sports Delta XT (Impartial Review)

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2018)

MAN Sports Delta XT (Impartial Review)

MAN Sports Delta XT is a testosterone booster that’s designed to speed up post-workout recovery times. It may also increase anabolic activity, and reduce oestrogen levels. 

Needless to say, if it can really reduce levels of the female sex hormone in this way, Delta XT is a product that will need to be avoided by women. 

Man sports delta xt review

According to MAN Sports, the Delta XT formulation may be particularly good for men who have reached a plateau. These can hold them back and preventing them from making any further muscle and strength gains or burning away the last stubborn areas of their fat. 

The main benefits promised are:

  • Supports Healthy Testosterone Levels
  • Destroys Oestrogen
  • Reduces Recovery Time
  • Provides Explosive Strength & Rapid Muscle Growth


MAN Sports say boosting testosterone levels supports sexual health and can unlock a man’s true anabolic potential. 

They are right, but good results will require the right combination of quality testosterone boosting ingredients. The market is flooded with products that are alleged to be capable of doing these things.

Ones that can actually do so are in much shorter supply.

Formula in Man Sports Delta XT

A 3-capsule serving of MAN Sports Delta XT will provide:

  • Magnesium (450mg): The results of a clinical review published in the International Journal of Endocrinology suggest there may be a relationship between magnesium and testosterone production levels.
  • Fenugreek Seed Extract (500mg):  Although fenugreek is often deemed to be capable of boosting testosterone levels, research results are mixed. Some studies suggest it works, others suggest it does not.
  • Maca Root Extract (500mg): A Peruvian plant extract that is occasionally used as a treatment for fatigue and may be capable of improving athletic performance. Although further study is needed, a systematic review of some of the studies conducted to date, suggests Maca may have libido-boosting capabilities.
  • Diindolylmethane (250mg): Generally just referred to as DIM, because it’s less of a mouthful, this is a compound that is naturally-occurring in certain vegetables including broccoli and kale. Some evidence suggests DIM is an oestrogen blocker and it has been included here to serve this function. However, there is also evidence to suggest the compound blocks testosterone, so it’s a pretty controversial ingredient and more study is much to be desired.
  • Epicatechin (100mg):  A cocoa bean extract that some people believe is capable of inhibiting the release of a molecule called myostatin that suppresses muscle growth. In theory, this ability could encourage enhanced muscle growth. In reality, epicatechin and its abilities are hopelessly understudied. 


man sports delta xt formula


MAN Sports Delta XT is only intended for men who are aged 21 or over, in good health, and are interested in bodybuilding. 

The usage guidelines are really confusing. 

The text that appears on the official sales page, under the title “suggested use”, states 3 capsules are required 30-60 minutes before bedtime and then warns against exceeding the recommended dose.

The label on the bottle tells customers the same. 

However, the on-site usage guidelines also show three pictures that suggest the dose is 0 capsules in the morning, 1 capsule at mid-day and then 3 capsules before going to bed. 

Man sports delta xt instructions

How can customers be expected to avoid exceeding the recommended dose, when MAN Sports provides them with such unclear instructions?

Potential buyers also need to be aware. MAN Sports Delta XT is intended to be used in cycles of 8 weeks on followed by 4 weeks off.

Users Feedback

Officially Delta XT customer reviews are predominantly good. They seem to suggest the product does the things it’s supposed to do and may also help some people to attain better sleep quality. 

However, some men say the formulation let them down, so it’s success rate is far from being 100%.

Any Side Effects?

Some customers state they experienced side effects when they were using MAN Sports Delta XT. 

Headaches appear to be the most commonly-reported problem, with nausea coming a very close second. 

With this in mind, we suggest starting with a smaller dose and build up to the recommended maximum to assess your tolerance.

Where To Buy MAN Sports Delta XT

It’s possible to buy MAN Sports Delta XT directly from the manufacturer’s website.

They sell it for $36.99 with free shipping in the US only. 

The product is also available in the UK via a number of third-party retailers including Amazon, Predator Nutrition and Cardiff Sports Nutrition. 

Prices seem to vary wildly, with a months supply costing anything between 33.99 and 40.00 plus shipping costs.

Cash Back Guarantee?

MAN Sports appear to be offering a 30-day money back guarantee, and customers are told they will receive their refund with within 7 to 14 days of contacting MAN Sports and requesting their money back. 

However, no refund will be forthcoming if the supplement “appears to be purchased from an unauthorized seller”. 

It’s going to be very difficult for customers to know who the authorised sellers are, so the best course of action will be only to purchase directly from the MAN Sports website. 

Apart from this, the guarantee appears to be good. However 30 days is not really long enough to allow anyone sufficient time to put the product through its paces and see what it can do. 

We are also concerned to note the terms of the guarantee do not specifically state MAN Sports will accept  returns of bottles that have been opened and tried.

Final Thoughts/Conclusion

Although some of the ingredients used in MAN Sports Delta XT appear to be capable of helping the formulation produce the promised results. 

The abilities of a few of the inclusions, including DIM and epicatechin, are more questionable. 

The product is also lacking 2 of the most essential and clinically proven T-boosting ingredients in D-aspartic acid and Vitamin D3. 

These are in our minds absolutely essential and its a big mistake by the makers to ignore both them and the clinical evidence behind them.

Customer reviews also cast a shadow of doubt on the product’s ability to deliver good results for everyone.

The fact that some customers say they experienced side effects is also an issue. 

The pros and cons of using MAN Sports Delta XT remain questionable and as such we cannot recommend it to our readers.

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