Do The Unthinkable Food And Fitness Review

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2018)

Do The Unthinkable Food And Fitness Review

When Is A Diet Plan Not Just A Diet Plan?


Do ” The Unthinkable ” and change your body shape and your health in just 90 days, thats the promise made by UK based Musclefood.

Recently featured in the UK media, The Unthinkable is a health, fitness and diet plan with a real difference.

Already know for their impressive range of fitness foods, high protein ready meals, pizzas, breads, lean meats, fish, pulses and protein snacks. Musclefood have now set the bar even higher with their all in one diet and exercise plan.

Getting the right nutrition is crucial to getting and remaining both fit and lean. However with just so much conflicting advice out there, it’s not easy to know what to eat and when. Knowing what exercises you need to be doing, when and for how long is another hurdle. 

Its all too easy to overtrain or do the wrong exercises at the wrong time. That is without professional advice and guidance

What Is ‘ The Unthinkable ‘ By Musclefood.

The Unthinkable is a bar setting, innovative all in one diet and workout program. It uses the full range of Musclefood’s quality meals and produce and combines it with a fully tailored workout regime that will take you less than 3 hours per week to follow.

How Does The Unthinkable Work?

Your Daily Diet

Starting with your daily diet, Musclefood take control of your daily food intake. Using your own dietary choices and preferences they provide you with a weekly supply of each and every meal and snack that you need. They provide your breakfast, lunch, dinner and some high protein snacks that will make up your complete diet.

Choose from high protein meals with zero preparation ( just heat in the oven or microwave and enjoy). If you prefer to prepare and cook from scratch they will send you all the ingredients required. You have complete control at all times.

Not All Diets Contain Curry Or Pizza – The Unthinkable Does!

Exercise Plan


Many people start an exercise program and either overtrain or don’t work as efficiently as they could. This is often because they lack support and guidance.

The Unthinkable is a fully supported exercise and workout program. Everything is worked out for you, all you need to do is to log into your account and follow the workouts. the exercises are clearly demonstrated for you by the Musclefood resident personal trainer Steve.

The best part is that you don’t need to join an expensive gym. All you need is internet access, or a TV with dvd player and space to move. The program requires a commitment of less than 3 hours working out just 3 times a week. The workouts are streamed 24/7 or you can watch them on your TV using the DVD.


Click Here To Find Out More About Doing “The Unthinkable”

Stay Focussed, Do Not Lose Heart

A lot of people start exercising and quickly get disillusioned if results are slow to show. 

The Unthinkable keeps you on track, mentally and physically with their live Facebook chats, Q&A sessions and access to your personal trainer. 

The staff at Musclefood are on hand 24/7 to help, coach, guide and advise you as you transform your body over the 90 day period.

Not Just A Diet Plan

If you think that healthy diets mean eating small amounts of rabbit food, you are mistaken. On ‘The Unthinkable’, virtually nothing is off the list, most people eat better than they ever have before.

Team GB Athletes Love It

Some of our most successful Team GB athletes have followed and recommend ‘The Unthinkable’.

Olympic Swimmer Chris Walker-Hebborn Told us “Do The Unthinkable Provides everything you need to start a journey towards a healthier lifestyle”

Team GB Paralympic swimmer Jessica Jane Applegate Told Us “The combination of HIIT workouts, complete nutrition undedicated advise from your own PT assures results”

Ok I am Sold, Whats The Cost?

To take part you have to first answer a few health and lifestyle questions (height, weight, how much exercise you currently do). Once your answers have been submitted you will be given dietary choices for your first weeks complete range of meals and snacks.

As an example if you want to follow the 5 day plan with weekends off, the weekly cost will be £60, if you want to do The Unthinkable for 6 days a week with just one cheat day, the cost is £69 per week. 

If you are 100% committed and want to follow the program for the full 7 days a week, the cost is £79.00.

REMEMBER – This cost covers your entire weeks supply of food and snacks. This is in addition to the 24/7 access to the full workout plan, support and benefits of the Unthinkable.

Also – If you went to your local gym and had a private PT session with a trainer, you can pay a minimum of £25 for just one hour!

After The 90 Days

Not only will you have seen a complete body transformation. As an extra reward after completing The Unthinkable program, Musclefood will send you musclefood vouchers worth £50. You will also receive their special “I did the Unthinkable’ tee shirt.

To Sign Up For The Unthinkable

The link below takes you to the official musclefood website where you can sign up fo the “ The Unthinkable ”, simply answer few questions, choose your first food order and away you go on your journey to a transformed body.

Sign Me Up For The Unthinkable

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