Cellucor P6 Extreme Review

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2015)

Cellucor P6 Extreme Reviewed

 Over Hyped And Expensive, But Is It Worth The Money?

A naturally formulated testosterone booster… Cellucor P6 Extreme promises their users a lot including increased muscle mass and strength.

The product is based on their own proprietary blend which is largely 85ef8749a9b22639cb71d49eee5e933d15962963-upload_p6png_f108695723d268e3b3f3225fe11e87d2_2873unspecified, but does contain tribulus terrestris.

The Formula

Ovine Placenta powder is the main active ingredient. It is a stimulant that works ( we are told) on the testes and pituitary gland to help the body produce more natural testosterone.

Other ingredients in the 947 mg proprietary mix are:

  • Black Cohosh
  • Wild Yam
  • Stinging Nettle
  • Bayberry Bark Extract
  • Scareolide

There is also 250 mg of Tribulus in the formula.

Taking Cellucor P6 Extreme

It is recommended to take 2 tabs daily, one with breakfast and another one before going to bed.

User Reviews

cellucor-p6-extreme-ingredientsDespite the Hype, most users consider Cellucor average at best…. While there are a couple of reviews with reports of increased strength, the majority of users didn’t find the product effective. Its only common result was increased sex drive (thanks to Tribulus no doubt), but for that the supplement is seriously overpriced.

Are There Any Side Effects

Some users have reported increased anger, acne outbreaks and irritability.

Where To Buy Cellucor P6 Extreme

The product is available online, Amazon and Ebay are two examples. A bottle with 60 tablets costs around £73.00 ( $119.00)

Are There Guarantees

No guarantees are offered, which for a product costing this much is a surprise….

Our Opinion

We feel that this testosterone supplement is well and truly overpriced and quite simply doesn’t work.

Not at all recommended!

Top 3 Testosterone Booster?

There is no room in our top 3 testosterone supplements list for products like Cellucor P6 Extreme.

Our top rated products are all reasonably priced, give proven results, and our top rated product comes with a generous 90 days money back guarantee that guarantees results or you can get a refund.

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