Alpha Wolf Force X7 Review UK

(Last Updated On: July 21, 2020)

Alpha Wolf Force X7 Review : Where To Buy In The UK

force x7 reviews uk

If you are looking for a first class T-booster you could not do much better than checking out Alpha Wolf Force X7.

Its a US made product that is now readily available both here in the UK and throughout the EU.

“The story of how it came about is interesting and is the result of one mans desire for excellence.” 

Robert Clark is a 40 something certified personal trainer, body conditioning and strength coach and keen nutritional researcher.

As he approached his 40th birthday, he noticed that he was starting to lose some of his hard earned muscle tone, and strength, he was getting ever so slightly flabby and he admits that his sex drive had reduced to almost zero.

robert clark force x7

Aware that he was probably experiencing the normal effects of reduced testosterone production that can hit any man as he reached late 30’s and beyond he set out to boost his testosterone production.

Knowing all too well the risks and dangers of some drug based testosterone treatments and anabolic steroids, he embarked on trying out a number of well known natural testosterone boosters.

After being very unhappy with the results (or lack of them) he decided that there was only one thing to do, and that was carry out some intensive research of his own.

Over a period of 6 months and 500 hours of intensive reading of studies, testing and trying out various ingredients he finally came up with his own formula and as a result Alpha Wolf Force X7 was born.

Alpha Wolf Force X7

alpha wolf force x7 uk

It has to be said that this is a well presented product, the website is professional without all that hard sell, marketing hype and BS that you regularly come across in this industry.

“Alpha Wolf Force X7 is a natural testosterone booster that is designed for all men.” 

It doesn’t matter if you are a keen gym goer who is looking to build massive muscles and boost strength and energy, Or a slightly older man (like Robert) who is starting to feel the effects of low testosterone and who wants to regain some of your youthful virility, strength and well being.

Alpha Wolf Force X7 promises to:

  • Naturally boost testosterone production
  • Increases muscle mass and strength
  • Speeds recovery after exercise
  • reduces body fat
  • Improves moods and confidence
  • Boosts sex drive and performance

You Can Read More At Alpha Wolf Official Website

The Formula In Alpha Wolf Force X7

force x7 ingredients

The ingredient list is a result of all those hours hard studying and researching. 

Robert and his team fully disclose the formula, and the amounts of each ingredient found in every serving. There are no hidden proprietary blends here.

Each serving contains:

Vitamin D3 (25mcg – 1000iu)  – One of the ‘must have’ ingredients in any T-booster, Vitamin D3 has been solidly proven in scientific studies and trials to help boost testosterone as well as a whole host of other bodily functions.

Vitamins B3 (30mg) B6 (2.5mg) B12 (0.25mg) – The uses of B vitamins in the body is far reaching.

They help separate the energy from the food that we eat, they boost the production of red blood cells (boosting circulation and the delivery of nutrients to the muscles) and support testosterone production. 

Magnesium (45mg) One of the most crucial minerals founding the body. Proven to boost testosterone production.

Zinc (15mg) Another crucial mineral for the body, Zinc is essential for testosterone boosting, fertility, sperm motility and other well documented health benefits

KSM-66 (500mg) – Without doubt the best and most effective Ashwagandha extract available anywhere. Studies have proven that daily supplementation can boost testosterone by up to 17%

Maca Extract 10:1 (250mg) Clinical trials involving this natural root extract have proven that it can boost libido and sexual desire

Shilajit (200mg) – A sticky tar like substances made up of plant deposits and extracts, research has demonstrated just how effective it is at boosting testosterone with increases of up to 20%

Panax Ginseng (200mg) – A time served and well recognised natural herbal extract, that has a well earned reputation for being an effective aphrodisiac.

It is also good at reducing the stress hormone cortisol which can severely impact testosterone production.

Longjack (100mg) – another key stress reliever which reduces cortisol, allowing greater amounts of testosterone to be released

Boron (10mg) A clinically proven mineral that actively cuts down the anti testosterone effect of aramotase

Bioperine (5mg) An extract of Piperine (aka black pepper) it has no direct testosterone boosting effects in its own right, but is worthy of its inclusion become of the way it maximises the bioavailability and effectiveness of the other key ingredients.

How To Take Alpha Wolf Force X7

The suggested daily serving is 3 capsules per day, the makers recommend taking with breakfast and a large glass of water

WBC Champion Boxer Jimmy Williams Talks About HIs Experiences With Force X7

What Do Other Users Say About Alpha Wolf Force X7?

There are lots of positive user reviews and testimonials out there from guys of all ages, younger men talk about the way it helps them boost muscle mass, strength and performance.

Guys who are the bit older, are all impressed with the way it helps them regain some of their youthful vitality, with great improvements in muscle tone, energy, moods and sex drive.

Here are some samples:


force x7 testimonials

Does Alpha Wolf Force X7 Cause Any Side Effects

There are no reports anywhere of any adverse side effects being caused by Alpha Wolf Force X7. Looking at the formula, we do not expect to see any in the future.


Who Makes Force X7?

The people behind Force X7 are Utah based Alpha Wolf Nutrition, a global leader in the manufacturer of health and sports supplements

Who Can Take Force X7?

Although developed for younger active men who workout regularly, the fact is that Alpha Wolf Force X7 is every bit as effective in the older man too who is experiencing the effects of low testosterone

What Makes Force X7 So Effective?

The secret is in the formula, instead of copying the majority of manufacturers who simply follow the masses, they have put together an all natural, clinically approved blend of synergistic ingredients that not only naturally boost testosterone, they also help tackle the problem with too much Estrogen, as well as boosting libido and reducing excess body fat

is Force X7 Banned While Competing?

There is no risky, banned or illegal ingredients in Force X7, so its perfectly acceptable to use when competing.

Which Countries Is Force X7 Shipped Too?

The makers ship worldwide with a very few exceptions – see website for details

How Many Capsules Do I Get In A Bottle?

Each bottle contains 90 capsules, sufficient for 30 days supply

Do I Need To Cycle Or PCT Force X7?

The answer is no, Force X7 was designed to be safely taken for as long as you want to benefit from its effects

Can I Take Force X7 With Other Supplements?

Yes you can take Force X7 alongside other bodybuilding supplements including fat burners, pre and post workouts, protein shakes and nitric oxide boosters

How Long Should I Take Force X7 For

The makers recommend that you take for at least 60 days to achieve full benefits, but you can take it for as long as you want to enjoy heightened testosterone levels and its associated benefits

Can women take Force X7?

There is nothing harmful to women in the formula, it’s quite safe to take Force X7, it will only build testosterone up to your natural levels, but it will NOT cause you to suddenly develop male attributes and Physicality.
Women have a natural level of testosterone which way less than those found in a man, what this supplement does is ensure that your testosterone levels are at the peak for your gender and body type.

Where To Buy Alpha Wolf Force X7 In The UK

Where ever you are in the world, you can either buy direct from the official website, or if you prefer from Amazon.

A months supply will cost you $49.95 (which at time of writing works out at £38.92). You can save money when you by 2 or more bottles.

The makers ship worldwide from local distribution hubs.

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Click Here To Order Alpha Wolf Force X7

Final Thoughts On Force X7

It has to be said that we were not quite sure at first about this product, the one reason for our doubts was that the makers decided to not follow the crowd and put D-aspartic acid into the mix.

This is thought to be one of the best t-boosting ingredients out there, and we couldn’t understand at first why they hadn’t used it.

“Maybe this is a good thing however, it shows that Robert and his team weren’t swayed by what most other companies do, instead strictly basing their formulation on strong scientific and clinical evidence.”

“Their decision has really paid off!”

This has been a real winner for them, you will not find many poor reviews out there, it seems that their scientific approach to the research and development has really paid off and in Force X7 they have (even without D-Aspartic Acid) delivered a really effective product that is both effective and safe for all.

You Can Read More At Alpha Wolf Official Website – Click Here

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