Acacetin 99 Review

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2017)

Acacetin 99 Review

Can Acacetin 99 Really Help Keep Oestrogen At Bay?

Acacetin 99 is a natural anti aromatase supplement mande by SD Pharmaceuticals and sold online by the UK arm of bodybuilding(dot)com …

Controlling any oestrogen build up is crucial to any guy who wants to maximise his muscle gains… and it’s the very reason why so many of the top testosterone boosters include anti aromatase ingredients in their formula.

We are not totally sure in our one minds if its necessary to invest your hard earned cash in a separate anti oestrogen product, when you can get similar results from an all round t-booster… That said, we want to give Acacetin 99 a fair evaluation and so have taken a good in-depth look into it and its effects simply to see if it is worth the extra investment each month..

The Formula In Acacetin 99

Acacetin 99 contains just that….each serving comprises 50mg of Acacetin (4’-methoxy-5’7-dihydroxyflavone) which is derived from Damiana ( Turnera Diffusa)

How To Take Acacetin 99

The suggested dose is one – two capsules daily with food

Users Feedback

On bodybuilding(dot)com , it has an 8.8 rating out of 10..When you go through the feedback, it is very mixed…..

There are the glowing reviews from very satisfied users and the negative ones dotted in amongst them ( see examples below) it seems to work for some and not others…

sample reviews

Reported Side Effects

One user reported increased blood pressure while using this supplement..

Where To Buy Acacetin 99

The British version of bodybuilding(dot)com does appear to be the main stockist in the UK.. here a bottle containing 40 capsules will cost you £36.50 (20 days supply at max dose)

Any Cash Back Guarantees?

There Does Not Appear To Be Any Guarantees Offered

Our Thoughts

With just one main ingredient, we looked in depth at Damiana as an ingredient and its effects.. We were in truth rather disappointed with our findings….The facts are that it’s actually rather lacking in clinical studies.. to date these have been performed largely on Rats and other rodents….in these studies  it’s benefits have shown to be more limited to boosting libido in animals that were fatigued or sexually sluggish….it also has demonstrated a very mild ability to help reduce anxiety too…

From our research, we have ascertained that any possible effects that it has on reducing Oestrogen does appear to very minimal at best…..

Overall – the scientific evidence does not really back up the claims made by the makers of Acacetin 99… it might offer some mild aphrodisiac benefits, and if you are very anxious it might help reduce the problem slightly…. as an anti aromatase ingredient, however, it doesn’t seem to offer the benefits that you would expect….

Quite frankly you would be better served using a decent testosterone booster that contains some proven anti oestrogenic ingredients…. That way you will be getting the best of both worlds and saving yourself some money at the same time..

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